JOHN BIESZK, 6th Dan Sensei

JOHN BIESZK, 7th Dan Sensei


John Bieszk Sensei began his Aikido practice at the Illinois Aikido Club in Chicago in 1973. He studied there until 1975 when he dedicated himself to full time study in Physics. 

In 1980, upon returning to Chicagoland, he trained under Fumio Toyoda Shihan. Bieszk Sensei received his 1st degree black belt in 1984. He continued studying with Toyoda Shihan’s organization, the Aikido Association of America (AAA), now headed by Stephen Tatsuo Toyoda, son of Toyoda Shihan. 

Bieszk Sensei teaches classes and seminars throughout the Midwest. He holds the rank of 7th degree black belt. Mr. Bieszk is a member of the AAA National Teaching Committee and is the AAA Midwest Regional Shibucho (emeritus branch leader of the Midwest Region).

JOSHUA WEISER, 4th Dan Shidoin

JOSH WEISER, 4th Dan Shidoin

Chief Instructor | Dojocho

Josh Weiser Sensei has trained in martial arts for more than 40 years. He started practicing Aikido over 25 years ago and has had the opportunity to train with different schools and affiliations enabling him to have a unique understanding of the art.

Weiser Sensei teaches at seminars throughout the Midwest. He holds the rank of 4th degree black belt and Shidoin (Certified Aikido Instructor). Mr. Weiser is the Midwest Regional Event Coordinator for the AAA and participates as a AAA Chicagoland Testing Committee Member.​